Prince Africa Zulu

Biography of His Royal Highness, Prince Africa Zulu

Quick Facts about HRH Prince Africa Zulu

Date of birth : 4th May, 1978
Place of birth : Enkonjeni Hospital (Ulundi)
Favourite Sport: Tennis
Car of Choice: Land Rover Discovery
Star Sign: Taurus
Marital Status: Single
Favourite Hobby: Reading

A side portrait of Prince Africa Zulu in formal wear

HRH Prince Africa Zulu of the Onkweni Royal House:

Prince Africa Zulu was born on May 4, 1978 in Ulundi, KwaZulu Natal. He is a Zulu Prince descending from a long line of royalty and is directly related to King Shaka Zulu, King Mpande Zulu and the current monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu.

He enjoyed playing tennis as a boy with his late uncle Prince Gideon Zulu of Kwa minya, and as a child, he was very close to his late father Prince Ntokozo Zulu.

Later, he studied Politics and Sociology at the University of Natal in Durban. He now spends his time attending various social events and running his Foundation.

HRH Prince Africa Zulu is the Chairman of the Prince Africa Zulu Foundation Trust, which was formally launched in July 2012. Prince Africa is also the Executive Director of the annual Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival in Ulundi, KwaZulu Natal. This year makes the 5th anniversary celebration of the Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival, which showcases and supports traditional Zulu arts and culture. Prince Africa founded the festival to honour the life of his ancestor HRH Prince Shingana, son of King Mpande.

Prince Africa has also travelled extensively. Over the years, he has visited the United States of America as well as many countries in Europe, including Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Hungary and Great Britain.